Welcome to The Runaround!

As The Runaround has grown, we’ve been having trouble covering all the topics we want to on the air, and by listener demand we launched the new site, The Runaround Radio, to give YOU what you’ve been asking for!

With just an hour each week on air, we can’t get to all the results we’d like, so we’ll cover them more in depth in “The Rundown.”

In “The Runaround” section, we’ll preview each week’s show, and archive past shows, in case you’ve missed them, or want to hear your favorite interview again.

Then, in “The Post-Run,” we’ll dig deeper into some of our interviews, and the hosts will cover some other topics that come up in the week between shows.

So bookmark this site, share it with your friends, and check back often – you do NOT want to miss out!