The Runaround – 9/17/12

Yes, track season is over, but we had to recap what we thought was the “best of the best.” Take a listen to Monday’s show to hear what Ryan, Brad, and Greg though the major highlights of the 2012 season were.

Also, if you missed this past broadcast, tune in to the show replay to hear the story of Maryland native and Villanova Senior Kyle Stanton–a 21-year-old runner who found a passion for the marathon and plans to travel throughout Europe to race some of the fastest 26.2 mile courses in the world.

Also, and most importantly, listen to Monday’s show learn about Running Maryland’s biggest upcoming race: The ManCave 5k. Sponsored by  The Big Screen Store, it’s a race that celebrates all the things that men love and will take place in Towson on December 2. A big-screen TV from The Big Screen Store and a recliner from The Sofa Store are just two of the many great prizes that will be given away in the post-race festivities.

Happy running!

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