The Runaround – 9/10/12


It’s that time of year when runners are in a crossroads. The professional track and field circuit is just finishing up. High school and collegiate athletes are embarking on their cross country season. And road runners are putting in the miles for the big marathons.

On Monday’s installment of The Runaround, Parker Morse of Running Times Magazine¬†joined us for “Around the Clock” to preview the upcoming marathon season. Who are the rising stars on the marathon scene? What long-distance track runners are moving up to the marathon? How will Ryan Hall’s absence in the INC NYC Marathon and a personnel change in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon upset the apple cart? Be sure to listen to the first block of Monday’s show.

The Magic Mile–an international competition between Team USA, Team UK, and Team Australia/Rest of the World–was initiated by our friends at the popular British podcast, Marathon Talk. Podcast co-host Tom Williams joined us on the show to tell you how YOU can represent your country and…to talk a little trash on the airwaves. Tune into the second block of The Runaround (23:16).


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